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Geof Shuford, MS


Hi, I’m Geof Shuford and I am a nerd when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I’ve been in the industry for a bit over 10 years, which is either a long time or I just starting depending on who you talk to. But I do love what I do, which is helping people start to change their health for the better. 

One of the big passions in my career is helping people that don’t understand or like fitness to at the very minimum tolerate it. I do that with my business Phoenix Fitness in Denver

Todd M. Weber PhD, RD

Show Host

Hi, I’m Todd Weber and I am supposed to write something here to show you that I am interesting and important.  I’ve written many bios before and if you are really interested you can read my LinkedIn, Energy Balance Nutrition Consulting, The Nutrition Advocate or The Science of Dieting bios.  Really, when it comes down to it I’m a hard working Midwesterner (residing in Colorado) of average intelligence who doesn’t take himself too seriously, yet takes my profession (metabolism, weight loss, nutrition) very seriously.  I have as many good friends as a guy could want, a loving and supportive wife, and a beautiful baby girl.  Geof and I hope that you find our show both educational and informative, and maybe even a little funny.

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