Episode 01: Why We Started This Podcast

In Episode 01: Why We Started This Podcast, Geof and Todd describe why they started this podcast, the origins of the podcast title, and preview what they expect the content of the pod to contain on future episodes.

To provide you with a little background on why Geof and I started this podcast, here we go.  Geof and I have been meeting for happy hour a few times/month for a little over a year now.  During these happy hours Geof and I would discuss his business (Phoenix Fitness Denver) and mine (The Science of Dieting), what we were currently working on, some of our struggles, and the state of our industry.

In January of 2020, at one of these happy hours, we realized that we had been meeting for quite some time, discussed a great many topics (i.e. complained a lot) but hadn’t constructively collaborated to produce much of anything outside of consulting one another’s business.

So we decided to do something about it, and aha, an idea for a podcast was hatched.  The podcast name, This May Help You? doesn’t provide you with a resounding vote of confidence…but that’s the point.  The health & wellness industry (and marketers in general) are far too confident in their product or service’s ability to meet your needs and solve your problems, when in reality, their product or service may help you and it may not.  This May Help You? acknowledges the uncertainty that is inherent in products and services meant to improve your health.  We’re not trying to sow doubt and make you think that no products work or that it is all just a crapshoot, rather we would like you to join us in taking a critical look at some of the underlying assumptions that dogmatic health “professionals”, zealots, and bro science enthusiasts portray to be “the solution”.  So rather than actively trying to sell you on “a” solution we will attempt to offer what we feel to be “Real Talk on Fitness and Nutrition”.

The populations that Geof and I serve are post bariatric surgery patients and/or people with a lot of weight to lose.  We’re not very interested in marathon performances, triathlons, six pack abs, chiseled physiques or other vanity metrics, we’re interested in health and that will be one the major foci of our podcast.  For many people low body fat percentages and six pack abs make them happy and if that is what makes you happy, we support it.  But low body fat percentages and six pack abs come far after adopting healthy habits and achieving a healthy body fat percentage.  Fitness and Nutrition isn’t about achieving some (impossible) ideal body image, it’s about finding your spot.  It’s about finding that sweet spot where you find diet and exercise enjoyable, you’re happy with your body, and you’re not killing yourself to get those results only to rebound to the very place you were trying to escape.

As I have detailed many times, I will never have six pack abs and I’m okay with that.  Reducing my food and beer intake and increasing my core work just isn’t worth it to me (Todd).  In this pod, Geof and I want to address some of our culture’s health and wellness fallacies and (hopefully) help you get to a mindset where you’re comfortable with where you are in your diet and exercise routines.  We don’t know all the answers and we don’t have a silver bullet but we’ll provide you with real talk on fitness and nutrition and it may help you, but it may not.

Todd & Geof


Our podcast music was generously provided by Sheridan.

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