Episodes: Masonry

Episode 04: Nutrition Superstitions

In Episode 04: Nutrition Superstitions, Geof and Todd discuss how even the experts (Todd) make erroneous correlations between diet and health and suggest that you critically think about some of the nutrition superstitions that you may hold.  If they provide you value (health) we say keep them but if they could be holding you back...

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Episode 03: What is Your Biggest Fitness Failure?

In Episode 03: What is Your Biggest Fitness Failure?, Todd and Geof talk about some of the biggest mistakes they’ve made in their own fitness journeys including some of the fads they’ve fallen for, how knowing what to do is different from actually doing it, and the lessons that we’ve learned along the way. Even...

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Episode 02: The Pornification of Fitness

In Episode 02: The Pornification of Fitness, Geof and Todd share their thoughts on the sexualization of fitness, how striving for an “ideal” body images tends to do us more harm than good, and why finding your “fitness sweet spot” is so important to your happiness. Call it immoral, unsavory or disgusting, pornography represents peoples’...

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Episode 01: Why We Started This Podcast

In Episode 01: Why We Started This Podcast, Geof and Todd describe why they started this podcast, the origins of the podcast title, and preview what they expect the content of the pod to contain on future episodes. To provide you with a little background on why Geof and I started this podcast, here we...

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