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Episode 15: How many calories do I burn when I workout?

This is one of the most asked questions by many people when they start working out.  Geof and Todd take on this question and discuss why it is a very difficult question to answer with any accuracy and why it might not matter to your ultimate goals. The real question is, “why are you trying...

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Episode 14: Is Diet Quality Important for Weight Loss?

Intuitively diet quality must be important for weight loss…..but is it?  In this episode we discuss the importance of diet quality in the context of weight loss and why we believe (and the data say) that maybe diet quality is better suited to helping you improve your health AFTER losing weight, and not during your...

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Episode 13: Is Weight Loss an All or Nothing Pursuit?

In Episode 13: Is Weight Loss an All or Nothing Pursuit, Geof and Todd discuss whether they believe that weight loss can be achieved by incorporating small changes into your life over time or whether drastic changes are necessary to lose weight and keep it off.

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Episode 12: Why You Can’t Lose Weight with (Just) Exercise

In Episode 12: Why You Can’t Lose Weight with (Just) Exercise, Geof and Todd discuss how exercise, in and of itself, is ineffective for losing weight.  The reason being is that it is far too easy to consume calories and very, very difficult to burn them.  Despite this calories in/calories out relationship, the fitness industry is...

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Episode 11: Bodies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

In Episode 11: Bodies Come in All Shapes and Sizes, Geof and Todd discuss how humans come in all shapes and sizes, how everyone responds so differently to the same exact diet and exercise routine, why it is so important to find exercises you like and foods you enjoy, that your diet and exercise preferences match...

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Episode 10: Trying to Get Something for Nothing

In Episode 10: Trying to Get Something for Nothing, Geof and Todd discuss how the health & wellness industry is all too eager to sell you tips, tricks, and hacks to not only help you maximize the health of your diet and your workout efficiency but to get more than you proverbially paid for (put in...

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Episode 09: Expecting Too Much Too Soon

In Episode 09: Expecting Too Much Too Soon, Geof and Todd discuss how changing your body, whether that means losing weight, building muscle or eating healthier takes a long time and more effort than you probably expect it to take.  Marketers will sell you solutions that claim to get you to where you want to go...

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Episode 08: Your Body Type Helps Find Your Activity

In Episode 08: Your Body Type Helps You Find Your Activity, Geof and Todd discuss how peoples’ bodies come in all shapes and sizes, shapes and sizes that make certain sports and activities more conducive to one body type or another. Humans come in drastically different shapes and sizes.  For example, the four time Olympic gold...

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Episode 07: Food Guilt

The Bottom LineMost of us feel food guilt at least some of the time.  But the problem in my mind is that food guilt generally makes us feel bad but it doesn’t necessarily translate into behavior change.  That is, you feel bad but you don’t feel bad enough to fix the problem and thus you...

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Episode 06: The Quantification Debacle

In Episode 06: The Quantification Debacle, Geof and Todd discuss why they think that when it comes to your health & wellness (with the advent of technology) that we are stuck quantifying an endless number of metrics (i.e. steps, body fat percentage, metabolic rate, macronutrient intake, sleep, heart rate) that may or may not help...

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Episode 05: What the Hell is Toning Anyways?

In Episode 05: What the Hell is Toning Anyways?, Geof and Todd discuss what they think “toning” is (other than marketing language), how it really doesn’t have a definition, is more of a journey than a destination, and if your goal is “to tone” what steps you might want to take to do so. When...

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Episode 04: Nutrition Superstitions

In Episode 04: Nutrition Superstitions, Geof and Todd discuss how even the experts (Todd) make erroneous correlations between diet and health and suggest that you critically think about some of the nutrition superstitions that you may hold.  If they provide you value (health) we say keep them but if they could be holding you back...

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